Total Score (100 pts)

1. Technique (40 points):
- Proper execution of spins, transitions, and poses
- Controlled and fluid movement
- Coordination and balance on the pole, chair, hoop or floor

2. Creativity and Artistry (30 points):
- Unique and innovative choreography
- Interpretation and expression of music/theme
- Effective use of props, if applicable

3. Difficulty and Execution (20 points):
- Execution of advanced tricks, inversions, and combinations
- Smooth transitions and transitions between floorwork and pole/chair/hoop moves
- Clean lines, pointed toes, and extension of limbs

4. Showmanship and Stage Presence (10 points):
- Engaging the audience with eye contact and facial expressions
- Confidence, charisma, and connection with the music
- Commanding the stage and using the space effectively

*DEDUCTIONS - 5 points deduction per move or trick that is not allowed for the category level. Please read Finalist Guidelines on levels.